SNKC Classes

Here is a list of the classes that will be offered. For more info or to sign up contact Marilyn Conner  .

  For a description of the class and prerequisites,  see below.

Class Day/Time/Dates Cost



 WED/ 9:00 AM  / Six Classes  Ongoing.

WED. 10am /Six Classes starting 8/30/17.





Novice RALLY

Advanced/Excellent Rally

 WED/  11am & 7 pm/ Starting Ongoing, Indoors/Outdoors weather permitting. 

                                                    WED/ 2:00 PM  Start 8/9/17.

WED/ 3:00PM Start 8/9/17.







CGC Prep

 WED/ 6:00 PM  /Start 8/30/17.

WED/6:00 PM/ Start 8/30/17.


NOVICE/ RALLY Competition THUR/ 6:00 PM/ Six Classes Start 8/10/17. $70/6*
STAR Puppy Class
THUR/ 7:30 PM/Six Classes Start 8/10/17. $70/6*

OPEN/UTILITY                 CLASS         


NOVICE/ RALLY Competition

SAT / 9:00 AM/Six Classes      Starting 9/28/2017.   


SAT/ 10:30 AM/Six Classes Start 8/12/17. No class 8/26/17 due to Agility trial.




CGC SAT/ 11:30 AM/ Six Classes Start 8/12/17. No Class 8/26/17 due to Agility trial.

*SNKC Working Members get half off!

♦Beginning September 1st Show Handling classes will be held indoors at the Nordic Myst Dog Training building in Endwell. During the summer months, Show Handling classes are held at Otsiningo Park. We will try to start class at 7:15 instead of 7:30. For any one who has not attended our classes at the park before, we will  be on the right hand side of the road,  just before the half-way point of driving around the main circle.

Herding Events – SNKC sponsors indoors herding classes in Windsor in the winter months with Sara Reiter, instructor.  For more information contact Sara Reiter at

For more information about our training classes contact:

Obedience Instructor:                                               Handling Instructor:

Marilyn Conner (607-748-4488)                                    Debbie Meetz (607-648-5023)

Elaine Perkins      (607-785-6896)                                 Lucy McPherson  (607-669-4116)

For more information about the club in general feel free to contact any of our officers or board members.

Class Descriptions


Competition level class,will work on teaching and/or proofing the utility level exercises. Prerequisite: CDX or by permission of instructor.


 Competition level class,will work on teaching and/or proofing the open level exercises.  Prerequisite: CD or by permission of instructor.


Competition level class, will work on teaching and/or proofing the Novice level exercises.   Prerequisite: CGC or by permission of instructor.


A combination class of Novice obedience exercises and all levels of rally. Dogs must be 6 months or older, must be trained to pre-novice level, and must be able to do stationary exercises. Prerequisite: CGC or by permission of instructor.

Intro to Rally/Beginner Novice:

“Into” class to both Rally and  Beginner Novice competition.  Class will teach Novice level rally signs and Beginner Novice exercises. Prerequisite: CGC or by permission of instructor.

Canine Good Citizen/Canine Good Citizen-Advanced:

AKC Canine Good Citizen  program designed to recognize dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. This program stresses responsible dog ownership and basic training and good manners for all ages of dogs.

Star Puppy:

AKC Star Puppy designed to promote socialization,beginning obedience and the care of your puppy. This class is for puppies 12 weeks up to 6 months.

Show Handling:

For all ages. Puppies must be 12 weeks.

Ongoing, start any week.